Updated 10/30/99 - 2:00AM EST

(A streaming Real Audio file of 9/26's Now & Zen concert is
available here.  Jewel comes on almost an hour into the file,
in case you want to skip over the artists before her.)


02 - CD Release - "Joy: A Holiday Collection" (see Headlines)
03 - "Ride With The Devil" UK Premiere at London Film Festival
04 - Jewel live AOL Chat - 7PM EST
05 - "Total Request Live," MTV, 3:30PM EST
       (Jewel will be there, and premiere of 'WSIT' video)
08 - VH1 Christmas Special taping (Details TBA)
08 - Jewel Alloy Chat (www.alloyonline.com)
09 - FOX Family Channel Christmas Special taping (Details TBA)
10 - Live With Regis & Kathy Lee, NYC (Syndicated)
12 - Radio - Z100 FM, NYC (Jewel will chat with hosts and perform)
12 - Radio - WPLJ FM, NYC (Jewel will chat with hosts and perform)
23 - Home Video Release - "Jewel:  A Life Uncommon" (see Headlines)
23 - CD Release - "Ride With The Devil" Sndtrk. (Includes
      new recording and video for "What's Simple Is True")
24 - "Ride With The Devil" US premieres in LA & NYC
25 - Late Night w/David Letterman, CBS, 11:35PM EST
26 - Today Show mini-concert, NBC, 7-9AM EST
26/27 - TV - "Sessions At West 54th" - Jewel Christmas Special
      (Most PBS Stations will show it on evening of 27th, check local listings)


08 - Radio - KISS FM 108; Boston, MA (morning broadcast)
08 - Radio - STAR FM; Boston, MA (morning broadcast)
08 - TV - Tonight Show w/Jay Leno, NBC, 11:35PM EST
09 - Radio Station Christmas Concert; Denver, CO (Details TBA)
10 - "Ride With The Devil" US General Theater Release
12 - TV - "Christmas In DC" Special; Washington, DC
       (Jewel with full orchestra backing; TNT, time TBA)
15 - Rosie O'Donnell Show, NBC, 5:30PM EST
15 - KISS FM 108 concert; Boston, MA (Details TBA)
16 - Christmas On-Air Radio Broadcast; Portland, OR
      (Hosted by Steve Poltz, Jewel will perform.  Details TBA)
17 - Christmas On-Air Radio broadcast; San Diego, CA
      (Hosted By Steve Poltz, Jewel will perform.  Details TBA)
21 - TV - The Today Show, NYC;  NBC, 7-9AM EST
22 - TV - The View, NYC -- Syndicated, check local listings.
31 - New Year's Eve Concert, Sullivan Arena; Anchorage, AK


01 - New Year's Day Concert; Fairbanks, AK (Venue TBA)


  -Release of second book, Life Stories - Early 2000
   (short stories and prose on HarperCollins)